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Nudist Vacations in the USA

8th March 2014 - The event was advertised by postings on the Internet, and a few new people showed up, beside the regulars. Although folks were advised to show up at 11:00 a. m. , there was hardly a soul around at that time. read more

Arriving at Jane Warner Plaza about 10:45 a.m., there were only a couple of semi-nude men around, and another couple came within the next fifteen minutes. However, we wondered where the main activist Gypsy was, and possibly others to join her in the day’s event, namely a shoot destined for New York Magazine. read more

Scheduled for 12 noon at Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco, the protesters started setting up around 11:45 a. m. , with posters galore as usual. Gypsy and Jaymz were busy fixing the “stage” for their one hour protest while the San Francisco SS watched them carefully, to see if anyone sneaked in nudity early in the presentation. read more

Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith’s nude wedding at San Francisco City Hall, 19th December 2013. All photos by Leif Heilberg. The Norwegian TV crew hands over to Inti (Gypsy’s daughter) a bouquet of fragrant white flowers, for bride Gypsy. read more
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The original European settlers of America were the Puritans who were staunch advocates of non-pleasure and were afraid of nudity, even to the extent of not bathing themselves.

Later a free and independent United States of America developed and "radical thinkers" like Benjamin Franklin and Henry David Thoreau, publicity lauded the benefits in daily naked walks, or "air baths." Other nudists included President John Quincy Adams, who regularly bathed nude in the Potomac. Influxes of immigrants from Germany and other northern European countries also brought with them a more relaxed attitude to the body and in the 20th century nudist clubs started to be formed.

America is still split between two sections of the community - those who have strong religious objections to nudity and those who are more open minded.

Today nudism (or naturism) is a booming and is the fastest growing sector of the travel industry, nudist clubs can be found in most states. Browse through our pages to find the ones closest to you.

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