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Nude Beach Party Day

Baker Beach, California - 08 Oct 2011

Nude Beach Party Day is a festive nudist social event with beach contests, games and activities. The overall winners get $500, $300, and $200. Various contests challenge your creative and physical abilities. This high-energy yearly event is in it's 4th fun year at various California beaches, and this year it is happening at Baker Beach. For the first time, it is open to everyone. We are joining in with Nude Beach Olympics and Nude Peace Day also happening at the same time and place. Compete in some or all of the events, or just watch and/or help out. We are expecting at least 50 people but would not be surprised if we get 150 this year.

Baker Beach in San Francisco is the home of the Nude Beach Olympics, organised by George Davis - a former nudist mayoral candidate. The games were inspired by the original Olympics which, as most people know, were performed in the nude for around 1200 years during the Hellenic and Roman Golden Ages. The original games were finally ended by Emperor Theodosius I, a Christian Fundamentalist, who declared the Games to be “too pagan.”

The events include Ancient Greek wrestling, Sumo wrestling, Discus, Broad jump, Volleyball, Touch football and there was a Kickboxing exhibition. Unlike the original games the Baker Beach Nude Olympics encourage women to compete on equal terms with the men and some expect to see a female Olympic champion one day.


eddie r
One of the best videos I have seen to date on being nude as we were intended to be. As the old saying goes, "If we were meant to be clothed, why are we born naked?" Be free, be natural, be NUDE! Bravo!!!!!

yeah agree with eddie r nothing wrong with being nude it was done 2000 years ago
why not now were suppose to be more tolerent society but are we wish i was there as
would have joined in have been to san francisco was on a beach but didnt see any nude people ah well maybe next time. i am a proud nudist myself love to swim and sunbathe naked when the weather permits have been nude abroad too love the feeling of the wind on your body keep up the good work with the video nude and proud

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