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Nudity in Barcelona

Nudity is legal anywhere in Barcelona. Barcelona Council have gone as far as publishing the "Tríptic de Barcelona" that enshrines this right in law.

Urban Nudismo are an activist group based in Barcelona who aims to ‘normalise’ nudity for the people of the city by making it an everyday occurrence.

Nudity in Barcelona

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I think I could quite happily live in Barcelona, living my life clothesfree, bliss!

Martin aka naturistrunner
I had heard that public nudity is not illegal in Barcelona and was eager to experience this myself.
So on the first morning of our holiday there, I stripped off and walked down one of the streets near our hotel. I was amased how 'normal' and relaxed this felt and that I was not challenged by anyone. In fact, I had quite a few cheery 'Hola' as I walked past. After a while I almost forgot I was naked.

I like to try Nudismo. I will be in Spain next summer.

Me gustaria mucho a vivir en Barcelona. Que un ciudad. As a naturist living in barcelona would be very liberating. When I first visited that city the wearing of shorts was not permited. The personal freedom in public places has taken a reverse change.

It's amazing that nudity tolerance varies so much from one culture to the next. The world is certainly an interesting place.

Peter and Liz.We are divers and like nudity.We lives in Poland.Last summer holiday we spent in nice place Estartit.We dived on illes Medes. After dived i spent nudity time on beach 10 minute from Town centre.We spend nice time and feel very relaxing.Also We come back next year. Viva Espana. Peter Liz. Poznan. Poland.

John S.
Living in Canada where the closest Clothing Optional beach is 2 hours away, finding places to be nude without reprisals is difficult at best.
To be able to walk around your comunity nude and not be centered out as a pervert or weird is a wonderful way of life..
It would great if our Canadian governments would adapt it's thinking to this healthy way of living.

I learnt that the municapality of Barcelona is actually planning a return to the prohibition of nudism on the streets of Barcelona.
Is there any action of Barcelona citizins to keep the present state of tollerance?
Can we from abroad assist you in that?

Good luck.

I think every major city should have its own 'clothes optional' zone, which would provide sightseeing opportunities for both the locals, tourists and nudists so therefore attracting more visitors. The same attractions should be open to all i.e. museums, art galleries, shops, restaurants and even cinemas. Sad news if Antoine is right!

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