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This Naturist News Blog lists the latest naked news items from around the world.

The struggle to feel beautiful in an airbrushed world
More than 150 'normal' women of all shapes and sizes pose naked for project to embrace their bodies.
Published: 23/02/2013
The real naked chefs!
There isn’t a shortage of cooking blogs on the web, so, when flatmates Jess, Greta and Luke decided to publish their recipes they needed something to make them stand out from the crowd and accidentally sparked an internet craze for baring all in the kitchen.
Published: 22/02/2013
London Fashion Week models go nude
Veteran designer Pam Hogg has number of models parading naked along the catwalk.
Published: 20/02/2013
Making an exhibition of themselves
Visitors to a special after-hours showing of an exhibition based on the theme of “naked men” were encouraged yesterday to shed their clothes
Published: 19/02/2013
First major nude ocean swim held in Australia
The world's first nude ocean swim, the Sydney Skinny, has attracted around 1,000 daredevils from babies to adults with the organizers claiming the eventraised as much as $15,000 for charity.
Published: 18/02/2013
4 arrested for defying San Francisco's nudity ban
Four naked protesters were arrested as they took to the steps of San Francisco City Hall in a brazen challenge of the city's ban on public nudity on Friday, the first day it went into effect.
Published: 05/02/2013
Taboos in Naturism
In his article, Peter Terp identifies five taboos which he feels exist among naturists and gives hie own thoughts on the same five things.
Published: 02/02/2013
Vienna museum invites nudists to see "Naked Men"
Vienna's Leopold Museum will welcome naked viewers from the public in an after-hours showing of its controversial and popular exhibit "Naked Men"
Published: 29/01/2013
Nudists lose bid to block San Francisco ban on baring all
Nudists in famously tolerant San Francisco lost a bid on Tuesday to block a city ban on nakedness in public places, when a federal judge threw out a legal challenge that argued public nudity was akin to political expression.
Published: 29/01/2013
'Naked rambler' back in Oxford court with no clothes on
Stephen Gough, 53, from Eastleigh, stood naked in the dock at Oxford Crown Court as Judge Patrick Eccles rejected an application for his case to be dismissed.
Published: 29/01/2013
'Naked' Facebook page in Wiltshire, UK causes stir
When a mother from Wiltshire created a Facebook page asking people in the county to get naked (or nearly naked) in the snow, she didn't expect such an overwhelming response.
Published: 26/01/2013
Men's naked yoga popular in Canada
Naked yoga has become a big hit for men in Canada.
Published: 23/01/2013
Vivienne Westwood launches exhibition of nude photos
She is a 71-year-old Dame, a businesswoman with a fortune of millions and mother to two sons. But just as nothing stopped Vivienne Westwood from living her life the way she chose back in the punk era when she was setting out as a fashion designer, nothing will stop her now. And as two large-than-life nude portraits of the flame-haired designer were revealed to a well-heeled crowd at the ICA last night, it was clear that she may have been picking up her pension for 11 years now, Vivienne Westwood is anything but retiring.
Published: 23/01/2013
Pregnant Nell McAndrew strips naked
The glamour model told the magazine that she felt proud and empowered by the nude photoshoot.
Published: 22/01/2013
Skinny dipping record broken
Temperatures in the high 20s helped convince 506 festival-goers to bare all and head into the water to smash the world skinny dipping record, which previously stood at 413 people.
Published: 30/12/2012
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